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Improve Windows Startup

You bought a new computer with a good processor and lots of memory. You decided to get a separate graphic solution instead of using the onboard (motherboard) graphic solution that also uses main motherboard memory. Congratulation.

After several months, you begin to experience you new computer taking a bid longer to boot.

No matter what you do, computers may in time slow down. That is where computer tune ups can help and it may be a good thing to do. However, there are things you can do from the beginning to help keep your computer from slowing to early.

When you get a new computer (tower or laptop) and assume that you do not start the bundled programs, you should notice a speedy system startup or bootup. The speedy startup will also apply if you reinstall windows. As you install applications or even start the bundled programs, you may notice your computer taking a bit longer to boot before you can begin using the system.

Most common programs and event would be:

  • Your choice of security software. Many will scan immediately after basic Windows operating system is loaded.
  • Messengers launching and doing auto login.
  • Weather report programs such as Weather Bug generally take a long time to update the information before presenting the weather info.
  • Accounting programs that check for updates.
  • Adobe programs checking into routine updates
  • Printer programs checking for updates
  • and possibly more

You can manage these programs to not start up on system boot. You may want programs such as messengers to start on boot to find out who is online or if you have a message. However, if you hardly use the messengers then tell not to start up automatically. This would go the same for other programs that auto start when the computer starts up. Computers with solid state drive (SSD) or solid state hybrid drives (SSHD) are great for your computers but at a somewhat higher cost. No matter, it is recommended to be aware and manage which programs you are starting when you startup your computer.