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Useful DOS Commands

Analyzing and troubleshooting computers and networks can be difficult when problem arise. One can look at the Windows event viewer for warning and error messages. Generally, these event messages can be informative and lead you in the right direction to resolve the issue. There are times the event messages may not show the cause for errors or performance issues without further investigation. 

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Repair Damage Files Fast

Like cell phones, TVs, and cameras, computers have become part of our everyday electronics used in our workplaces and homes. We expect them to work all day, save our work, deliver our work, and even entertain us for hours. Again, like other electronics, computers do sometimes require service.

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Tips to Speed Up a Slow Windows PC

Your computer is running very slow, your programs take a long time to run, and worse yet, your computer is taking a long time to start up. You have had this system for a while and it is getting worst. it is sick. You are contemplating on getting a new system.

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Wipe Computer Data

Someone gave you a computer with a working Windows operating system and it still has previous owner’s personal data. You want to make it yours without the owner’s data files, folders, and logon account.

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Remove Old Wireless Profile

You travel to hotels, stay at RV parks, go to meetings, visit families, etc. and use their Wi-Fi networks to do your Internet stuff. Many places require users to enter an encryption key to access their Wi-Fi to get on to the Internet. This is cool.

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