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Too Many Toolbars

You have a lot of toolbars on your browser and they are crowding your webpages. They somehow magically appeared and you do not know how you got them. Somehow, you agreed to install a toolbar when downloaded and installed a program. The most common are the free programs you installed.

Frequently, these programs include the toolbars or there was an option on the download page that is automatically checked to install the toolbars. It is recommended to view and read the webpage texts carefully before downloading and installing their programs. That is very impolite of them to do this but the fact is they are doing it and do not care. Many of these toolbars have spywares to track your browsing habits.

 While some toolbars are good to have like Google Toolbar, Microsoft Window Live, and others, you can disable the ones you do not want. Toolbars are generally installed by itself or part of a program. The standalone ones will be obvious but some will occasionally be hard to find since toolbars can be added on during the program installation.

 To disable a toolbar, go to the browser ‘Tools’ menu then click on the ‘Managed add-ons’ item for the Internet Explorer. For Firefox, go to its ‘Tools’ menu then click on the ‘Add-ons’ item. Most other browsers have similar method to the add-on management. You will have options to disable any toolbar plug-in. To completely remove the toolbars from your system, you may have to uninstall the plug-ins application and/or related programs that installed the toolbar in the Windows control panel. They are hard to find to remove but they are there. This is where you may have to do forensic. Used caution on with add-on, plug-ins, or programs you remove for you may remove the wrong ones.

 In Kim Komando, she talked about a Toolbar Cleaner that you can try. It can supposedly remove many common unwanted toolbars and add-ons from your browser. Click >>> here <<<< if you like to try this tool.