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Do You Have Bloatware?

You bought a new computer and found many programs already on it that you did not ask for and none of them look at all important. Many of these seem to be free trials and you've never heard of most of them. These programs are typically called bloatware. Software bloat is a term used to describe the tendency of newer computer programs to have a larger installation footprint, or have many unnecessary features that are not used by end users.

Bloatware can also generally use more computer system resources than necessary, while offering little or no benefit to the users. Bloatware is unnecessary and often causes new computers to run slower. In some cases, companies who put in bloatware programs can be related to third party groups that may put in spywares in your computer. Once the spywares are in, it can mutate to bring in other unwanted programs and spywares.

Why do manufacturers do this? The profit margins on computers are many times slim so they install these annoying programs to increase their profit. Developers pay computer manufacturers to include their software on new computers. This is usually why you get annoying registration and trial reminders when you boot up. The developers nag you with hopes that you'll buy the full versions of their software.

What can you do? Uninstall them. Some may not ready be install, so remove the installation files. Do this at the beginning of your new computer life before you get deep into your computer. This will give you more hard drive space and avoid possible unwanted installation that may cause undesired events.