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Infrascale SOS Online Backup

Data files reside on hard drives on local computers, local servers, or local network drives. If the hard drive fails, gets corrupted, damaged, or destroyed by viruses, data files may be lost and may not be recoverable. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a routine data backup plan. Data files can be backed up to external storage media such as external hard drives, flash drives, or optical media (CD, DVD, Blue Ray disk).

Cloud Backup Solutions

Local backup to an external hard drive, a thumb drive, or even an optical disk is a very good backup solution and practice. If a computer failed and the data cannot be recovered, the data is lost. Also, the external hard drive, thumb drive, or optical disk can also be lost, damaged, or misplaced. Backup solution should support:

  1. Being able to back up files anyware
  2. Restoring older file versions if feature is available and configured
  3. Recovering deleted files
  4. Accessing backup data files from anywhere
  5. Sharing files to other users or even guest
  6. Collaborating shared folders through common applications such as Office programs and calendars
  7. Securing data backup with encryption
  8. Directing backup to NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Another backup solution is cloud backup storage service. Which one would you pick? How would you determine your best and practical choice? A good number offers good reliable services. You can:

  1. Search for top ten to compare but the group that did the evaluation truly did not look at all possible candidates.
  2. Look at the cost. This will be hard. Need to decide what are you willing to pay for the service. Evaluate the benefits offer and what sacrifices of features will you accept. Remember, you get what you paid for.
  3. Be careful with the backup service that is bundled with your new computer. This is where the computer vendor may partner with the backup service to promote the backup service product.
  4. Perhaps just pick one that looks good. It is a lot of work to get the initial backup setup and done. You may be lucky to pick a good one.

It takes time to setup the backup service, get the initial backup done, and learn how to use it especially understand how to verify the backup. Backup if done right is automatic but YOU NEED TO CHECK THE BACKUP PERIODICALLY. So, you should take the time to research. Below is a list of recommended search parameters to use in your selection process.

  1. Cost – is the cost per computer or for storage cloud storage space. Storage space generally allows multiple computers for the same account.
  2. Can you restore your data onto any computer with ease?
  3. Does the backup service support archiving and/or versioning.
  4. Support drop box concept (Use caution here if this is selected.)
  5. Collaborate shared folders

Is mapped drive possible to the cloud drive? Nice to have feature.

  1. Support Web Access for your backed up files
  2. Be able to share files without having to email files
  3. Support data encryption with minimum AES-256 bit encryption
  4. Allow owner set its own data encryption?
  5. Most important – Support. Is there phone support or chat support or at minimum fast email support or chat support. Having two support options of the three is great.
  6. A feature – Be able to back up data directly from your NAS (Network Attached Storage such as integration with most leading NAS devices such as NETGEAR, Drobo, QNAP, Western Digital, Thecus, Synology.
  7. Able to map to NAS to your computer if desired
  8. USA based company?

Selected Servic

The Workspace Solution, Inc. selected Infrascale SOS Online Backup. Go to to learn more. This is the product of the Infrascale company.