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Can you get your data back?

You have a lot of pictures, documents, and music on your nicely working system. Your system is just 1 1/2 years old and it has been running fine. What can happen? Lets take a look.


Suddenly, you cannot boot to windows. You hire a computer service person and learn that your hard drive failed. Worst of all, you did not back up your data. It is recommended that you develop a backup plan to archive your files. You can back up to optical medias ( CDs or DVDs), flash drive, or an external hard drive if you have an extensive volume of files. You can also backup to an offsite storage (The Cloud data center). While there are many, here are some to check out:

No matter what I list here, you should Google it and analyze it for yourself. Not sure how to pick, well, I recommend you consider the following parameters before selecting:

  • Try for free, at least 30 days.
  • Look for scheduled backup features including ability for incremental backup. This will allow to backup only what changed since the last backup
  • Does it support Encryption and compression
  • Check out the graphical interface. You want this to be easy and friendly to use.
  • Phone support or fast email support
  • Is the cost per computer or storage space (can support more than one computer)
  • Most of all select one that is easy to use!

If you have a website with a large space, you may want to find out if you can store your data there. You will need a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client program to transfer data between you web host and your computer. I recommend that you check into getting encryption and compression software also if you decide to use the available space on your website.