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We live in data processing technology world now. Your computer systems and network are crucial to sustain your data integrity, system security, and connectivity. Feel free to review and print these articles or download the tools.

Merge PDF Files

You have a number of PDF documents you wish to combine for a presentation, emailing, or for some deliverable. Zipping the files together with 7Zip or Winzip or PKIWare is great way if you just emailing to someone or uploading to a site for planned downloads.

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Resize Digital Photos

You took a bunch of picture and want to send them to family and friends by email or on some collaborated social sites. You are using 7 or higher megabits camera and set them to high resolution.

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How to verify SOS Online Backup

If you are using the Infrascale SOS Online Backup service then you own the responsibility to make sure your data files are being backed up successfully and correctly. Click on this link for the document that can help you verify your backups.


Process Explorer

Ever wonder what your computer is doing in the background besides the programs you are using? There are times when you may need to check out all of the processes running in your computer.

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Microsoft Office 365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications and other office cloud productivity services that are enabled over the Internet as cloud services.

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Scripting with Autoit

Ever feel the need to automate your frequent used programs or process you do on your computer. There are times you want to perform a number of steps to get the final results and perhaps verify you output. Many times you repeat these steps daily, or weekly. Wouldn’t it be great to:

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Cloud Computing

You have been hearing talks about 'The Cloud' and wonder what it is or if you can also use it. Although the idea is relatively new commercially by many users and companies, it is really not that new. In fact, you've using the cloud in some ways. At minimum, 'The Cloud' is basically the internet.

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Infrascale SOS Online Backup

Data files reside on hard drives on local computers, local servers, or local network drives. If the hard drive fails, gets corrupted, damaged, or destroyed by viruses, data files may be lost and may not be recoverable. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a routine data backup plan. Data files can be backed up to external storage media such as external hard drives, flash drives, or optical media (CD, DVD, Blue Ray disk).

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