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With computer technology changing at an exponential rate, computer systems may need to be upgraded periodically to meet the demands of new applications, operating systems, and technology. Upgrades are generally adding or replacing computer components, and in some cases updating drivers that operate that component. There are common factors that prompt system upgrades such as:

  • Slow computer performance
  • New technology features
  • Hardware failed and cannot find replacement
  • Just keeping up with software and operating system changes

However, all computer systems do have a limit on the technology they can support. Technology changes very quickly and some of these innovations may not be compatible with older computers. Upgrading to newer technology may often require replacing more than one component. Getting a new computer in many case would be the best option.

The following upgrades are common and generally cost effective, which may increase the life and performance of your existing system to support your requirements:

  • Software
  • Operating system
  • Memory
  • Hard drive
  • CR-RW and DVD-RW drives
  • DVD drive
  • Video graphic card
  • Sound card
  • Network
  • Modem
To determine if you system can be upgraded and if it is cost effective to upgrade, we would need to do the following:
  • Do equipment Audit
  • Determine hardware upgrades requirements
  • Evaluate application requirements
  • Evaluate software Upgrade requirements
  • Evaluate Operating System Upgrades and minimum/recommended requirements
  • Do infrastructure retrofitting to new business requirements
  • Develop equipment and software upgrade plan