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VNC Manager

The Workspace Solution, Inc. recently upgraded the VNC Manager to version 1.2 with improved features and fixes. The VNC Manager is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool to select and connect to remote computers desktops with VNC (Virtual Network Computing) technology.

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PDF Creator

You composed a document and desire to publish or to send to recipients via email or download from a FTP site. There would be times you do not want to send it in editable form such as Word document, spreadsheet, or even a drawing.

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Resize Digital Photos

You took a bunch of picture and want to send them to family and friends by email or on some collaborated social sites. You are using 7 or higher megabits camera and set them to high resolution.

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Access List

The AccessList Manager program was developed by The Workspace Solution, Inc. to help manage user logon ID and password information. The login information are use for secure site access such banking, bill pay, membership, shopping, gaming, conferencing, tech support, etc.

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Process Explorer

Ever wonder what your computer is doing in the background besides the programs you are using? There are times when you may need to check out all of the processes running in your computer.

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Merge PDF Files

You have a number of PDF documents you wish to combine for a presentation, emailing, or for some deliverable. Zipping the files together with 7Zip or Winzip or PKIWare is great way if you just emailing to someone or uploading to a site for planned downloads.

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Scripting with Autoit

Ever feel the need to automate your frequent used programs or process you do on your computer. There are times you want to perform a number of steps to get the final results and perhaps verify you output. Many times you repeat these steps daily, or weekly. Wouldn’t it be great to:

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