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Wired & Wireless Network

Need to network computers, printers, servers, and storage?

We can design and setup a computer network to answer the above questions. Computer networking is the practice of linking computing devices (computers, printers, scanners, and cameras to name a few) and software that supports data communication across these network devices or hardware (routers, gateways, hubs, switches, and servers). The computers, peripherals, and network hardware are connected with network cables or IEEE 802.11 wireless technology.

Network cables are and have been the general and typical connection media. However, it can be expensive to install and maintain. Recently, wireless networks have become a computer commodity that offers ease of connection, setup flexibility, and freedom to use your computers and peripherals almost anywhere on the premise. While networks are frequently used in corporations, networks have also become common in homes and small offices. However, if the setup is not done correctly, you may experience issues and poor performance. The Workspace Solution can help install and expand your networks to meet your needs.