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What is Ransomware

This is serious stuff, so let’s keep the definition simple. We know what ransom is, right? “Ransom” is a sum of payment commonly money, demanded or paid for release of something. Parsing the “ware” part is software installed that would invoke the ransom threat on your data files, folders, or your whole computer. The ransom may start at $500.00 and increase as you refuse or delay to pay the ransom.

Do You Have Bloatware?

You bought a new computer and found many programs already on it that you did not ask for and none of them look at all important. Many of these seem to be free trials and you've never heard of most of them. These programs are typically called bloatware. Software bloat is a term used to describe the tendency of newer computer programs to have a larger installation footprint, or have many unnecessary features that are not used by end users.