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Simple Maintenance

Computers tend to slow down over time. Perform some simple maintenance generally will help for noticeable improvement. This effort should take about 10-30 minutes. With this guide, and two downloads, you should see some noticeable improvements. This is fairly basic and something all computer users can and should do.

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Long Time to Start Computer

Generally, most computers take between one to three minutes to boot to a ready state before you can do your computer stuff. If your computer is new, you will notice the good boot times.

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Guests Using Your Computer

You have guests visiting you and they would like to use your computer. You fear they may access your files and do other wrongful things while on the Internet.

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Move The Bookmarks

Bookmarks or commonly called Favorites are used in your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to help remember your favorite websites. Selecting a saved bookmark will allow you to easily go to a website without remember or typing the URL.

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Clear Browser Cache

As you visit web sites, browsers save copies of the visited websites on your computer in a temporary location in your computer called cache. This helps your computer load web pages more quickly on subsequent visits.

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Improve Windows Startup

You bought a new computer with a good processor and lots of memory. You decided to get a separate graphic solution instead of using the onboard (motherboard) graphic solution that also uses main motherboard memory. Congratulation.

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