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Computer Training

We'll train you to use your computer system, printer, modem (phone, DSL, or cable), scanner, programs, and media storage. Training will include the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Computer Orientation

Get to know your computer - its general layout, how it works, and how to take control of your computer to successfully work on your projects. Training will be hands on so you can get the feel of everything. We would like you to be able to take control as much as possible.

Understanding your peripherals

Learn why certain things needs to happen before you can print your documents, scan your photos or doucments, and access the Internet to email or to browse. A computer camera can be fun for video chatting or capturing pictures for email or make a presentation, but can be frustrating if you cannot get it to work again. Understanding the computers and peripherals will help you get the project done.

Simple computer maintenance

Learn to do some simple computer maintenance. you should be able to help your computer live longer and healthy. Above all you should be able to backup your important and precious files (such as account information, photos, emails letters, Internet links, contact information, appointments, business documents, and other important files). Did you know that your computer may comes with a basic backup program? Generally, this will do the basics and do a pretty good job. Or we can find a better one to fit your needs.